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David Brakey
Great pizzas. Prompt service Wishing you the best success
Caroline Love
Lovely pizza as always and easy to order and on time.
Ben Calabro
Awesome pizza and great customer service!
Jacqui Teague
Wow! So impressed by Earth & Soul Pizza. We ordered 10 pizzas last night for 10 of us. We were we able to easily order online, selecting from a range of traditional and gourmet pizzas with the ability to edit each and every one to exactly what we wanted but we didn't need to edit any of them because there was such a diverse range with some fabulous options that we were extremely happy with what they had on offer already! We sent our designated driver to pick them up as they don't deliver to Paynesville but we could not fault the pizzas. Bases were delicious, pizzas cut right through and evenly sized. Clearly they take a lot of care and effort and all 10 of us were eloquently satisfied with our dinner. Thank you guys! We are all local families and will certainly be back and recommending you to everyone!!
Charley Daniel
Ordered 3 family pizzas for world pizza day - Scorpian, Pepperoni & Potato Proscuito. All delicious, Scorpian was the standout with its tasty green freshness. The left over Potato Proscuito was a delight for breakfast this morning.
Travis Hammond
Delish! the Sergeant pizza is awesome!
John Argentino
Pizza's are very good. And very very good to deal with
Warren Adair
Pizzas were beautiful -a great range that my lads all enjoyed and the service was fantastic. Nothing was too hard and we felt doted on the whole time! Thanks!
Bernie Reinke
Fantastic service, and fantastic pizzas, heaps of fresh toppings on a base which wasn't too thick (or too thin)
Ian Mckenzie
It was only my second time ordering from Earth and Soul but the system works perfect. menu is easy to navigate and pizza was ready at time suggested. Absolutely Beautiful flavors to the pizza's and perfectly cooked. 5 stars from me. :-)
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